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We are Laureate Academy Charter School

We look forward to serving all students.

Laureate Academy Charter School is an approved K-8 tuition-free and open enrollment charter school in Jefferson Parish, LA. We look forward to serving all students including students with limited English proficiency and students with special needs. Laureate Academy will equip all students with the academic skills, mindsets, and habits for long-term success.

In August 2015 we will open with 60 kindergartners and 60 first graders. Currently Laureate Academy is seeking a high-capacity founding team, including a Director of Instruction, an Operations Manager, 3 kindergarten teachers, 3 first grade teachers, and 1 enrichment teacher. Additionally, we are seeking volunteers, donors, and other supporters as we prepare to open in August 2015.

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We are located at 3400 6th St. Harvey, LA 70058 in the Harvey Kindergarten School building.

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Laureate Academy is a non-profit and has tax-exempt status with the IRS.

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Preparing each student with the academic skills and strength of character necessary for school and life success, Laureate Academy educates K-8 students in Jefferson Parish for rigorous high schools, competitive colleges, and professional careers.


• All children can learn at high levels
• College preparation begins in kindergarten
• Character development is key to excellent academic results


1. High Expectations for All Students
A strong and consistent school culture
All students begin on the road to college, starting in kindergarten

2. Focus on Literacy
Reading and writing in all content areas
190 minutes of daily literacy

3. Character Development
SCHOLAR values: Students learn
Self-determination, Community, Honesty, Optimism, Leadership, Achievement, and Resilience

4. Family Engagement
School and family work as a team
Regular celebration of student growth

5. Exceptional Teachers
Extensive development of all teachers
Highly selective interview process

6. Extended Day and Year
8.5 hours of instruction per day
184 days of instruction per year

7. Strategic Use of Data
Direct support given to each student
Communication with parents about student growth


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